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Welcome to my homepage.

_DSC9857_2_smallMy name is Michał Dzieliński and I am an Assistant Professor at Stockholm Business School since 2013. Prior to that, I spent 4 years working on my PhD at the University of Zurich. In between, I spent about a year in total visiting the University of California San Diego. You could say I have a knack for beautiful locations!

In my research, I combine textual analysis with finance to better understand the impact of communication by companies, central banks and information intermediaries (analysts, media…) on asset prices.

I teach International Finance, which is a lot of fun, as there is always something to change about the curriculum – when I started, I did not expect to talk much about tariffs or cryptocurrencies! I also give a short course in the SBS Summer School on how to use finance to your advantage, especially with a view on pension savings.

I am also a proud founder and Chair of the Future of Financial Information conference. Started in 2019, it is gaining traction on the international circuit and tackling some of the most exciting questions in financial research. To accommodate the growing interest, a complementary Webinar series is now running online every other Wednesday. Check out the schedule and register!